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Mobile detailing services for

your RV, Car, and Truck in the

Grand Strand & Calabash Area!


At Highway 17 Detailing, we know the importance you place on your RV, car, truck, and SUV. 

We guarantee your vehicle will be "Looking Good" after a detailed cleaning with us!

Our professional detailing can give any vehicle that "Shiny" car look in no time. 

We make clean vehicles "looking good!"

(smokers & animal hair can require extra time & charges, please ask)

Mobile Detailing picture
mobile detailing picture
mobile detailing picture

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What's the difference in detailing & a car wash? A - a car wash will remove the top layer of dirt/grit from your vehicle, but detailing focuses on getting your car clean then improving every detail so your vehicle looks its best for a longer time!

Q - Are car washes cheaper and more convenient? A - a car wash can be cheaper & quicker but be careful what you ask for! Most car washes use the same brushes over & over and are done by a machine which uses sensors to "press" against your vehicle, which over time can result in marks on your paint. Car washes also use special chemicals to "break down" dirt fast to get you through quickly. Prolonged use can result in total wax removal, and stained paint. We've seen it many times over the years! A professional detailer will treat your vehicle like their own, from carefully washing to closely detailing all parts, something no machine could do!

Q - How often should I have my car washed & waxed? A - It depends on where you live, how many miles you drive, and the conditions you drive under. Here on the Grand Strand, because of the proximity to the ocean & salt air, we recommend a minimum of every two weeks washing (or more) with a minimum of waxing every three months.

Q - What's the difference between compounding, polishing & waxing? A - compounding is used to correct issues like dull or oxidized paint as it "removes bad" paint, polishing is used to make the paint shine like new & waxing is the final step to protect the paint and hold that nice shine!

Q - What's the difference in waxing & ceramic? A - Ceramic is much more durable than wax. They resist UVA rays, heat, environmental contaminants, and other harsh things better than wax. Ceramic bonds to surfaces, while wax doesn't. They both act as a protectant, but ceramic is superior.

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Old or new, we come to you!

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